Camp stove shelf

Quite a while ago my wife bought a camp kitchen table that folds up compactly (more or less like this but not this brand.) It’s really handy but it has a flaw. The camp stove we use fits on the right hand side but there is no place for the propane bottle to sit. It normally just hangs off in space unsupported. It can get bumped and loosen and is just generally in the way.

I had tried using a bungie cord but it didn’t work at all. However, when packing it up after a recent camping trip I had an idea to solve it.

When I got home I used a saw to cut two slots in some scrap plywood. This would slip over the cross braces and hold it at the right height to support the propane bottle.

picture 1

It was an OK solution but was still a bit more flimsy than I wanted.

I had a dowel that was just about the right length so I cut a matching hole partway through the bottom and cut the dowel to the right length.

picture 2 picture 3

Worked perfectly! Very stable and small enough to pack with our other camping gear.

picture 4

The shelf also has enough room to hold the matches we use for lighting the stove and is a handy place for untensils while cooking.

I love doing little ‘maker’ projects like this.